At Kielstone, innovation and craftsmanship are captured in a timeless medium. Stonework often becomes the distinctive feature of a location, and artistic passion is a trademark of every project that Kielstone masons do.

We offer a variety of design skills and stone handling disciplines from landscapes to architecture and from river stone to schist.

We have made a name for ourselves by attraction and word of mouth as opposed to advertisement promotion and we firmly believe in doing the best by our materials for our clients.

With this website we look forward to developing new relationships and setting our sights on the future - one stone at a time.


About Our Team:

Martin Kielstone and FamilyTeam leader Martin Kiel has had a long career in design and engineering.
With a previous career in the engineering field, and studying Industrial Design - Martin started specializing in laying natural New Zealand stone in 1984.

Since then he has dedicated himself and his team to perfecting their trade and continually improving.  With a strong artisan drive to keep standards high while understanding the need to maintain timeframe and budget considerations.

Team Members:

Kielstone Stone Masonry has a team of five full time and two part time employees . Each team member has been carefully trained and/or had previous experience in the field. Because of this standard of training and experience, innovation, craftsmanship and design skills become almost inate and the end product is of a very high standard.

Team of stone mason of Kielstone Stone Masons

The Kielstone team is headed by lead mason, Martin Kiel.  
Our team (left to right) consists of Dion, Tere, Semaia, Moe, Matt and Martin.

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