Kielstone Stone Masonry undertake a great variety of work and styles inspired by the natural beauty of New Zealand stones and the innovation of our stone masons. We create everything from House cladding to Architectural features and Landscape framework to Entranceways etc.

When you choose Kielstone Stone Masonry you can be confident that...

  • Your choice will be hand made by our in-house stonemasons who have spent years honing their skills so you know they have the experience and e xpertise to manufacture your stone product to an incomparable standard and finish.
  • You have a unqiue product made to stand the test of time.
  • You have a choice of different stones, each with their own individual character, to suit your setting.


Service Range:

Stone Installation
Kielstone Stone Masonry employs skilled masons experienced in all facets of stone installation such as:
House cladding, fireplaces, chimneys, steps, walkways, entrance signs, mailboxes, retaining walls, and stone pillars.
Whatever the stone type & item being created, the single most important thing is selecting the right stones for the job.

Except for schist, which is supplied, we hand pick all our stones and are particularly proud of the quality of corner
stones which we source at much effort. We also build a type of stonewall popularly know as "dry stack". This process
involves stacking the stones on top of one another without cement.. This is a very old process which requires particular skills.
Visit our landscape gallery or our architecture gallery for some photo examples of our custom stone installation.

We are happy to refer you to selected general and specialist landscapers.
This photo is an example of my brother Leon’s work.
He is NZ’s premier specialist in large boulder placement, waterfalls, streams, ponds & native planting etc.

Decorative Work
Our Stone Masonry isn't just about stones, it can involve decorative work within the stones. Our stone masons have the creative flair to design something unique, that compliments the natural stone, and surrounding environment.

Stone Supply
We can supply some stone in a limited manner.

Service Area:

Our main service area is in Wellington to Manawatu regions, but we do work further abroad subject to availability and conditions. Please call (027) 451 - 9411 if you have a job out of our service area or email.


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